"There is another world, but it is inside this one."

— Paul Éluard

Pablo Palazuelo
Aoki TetsuoAoki TetsuoAoki Tetsuo
Petros Koublis

"Communications between two very advanced civilizations will likely use a science and a technology inaccessible to us. We are like the inhabitants of an isolated valley in New Guinea who communicate with societies in neighboring valleys (quite different societies, I might add) by runner and by drum. When asked how a very advanced society will communicate, they might guess by an extremely rapid runner or by an improbably large drum. They might not guess a technology beyond their ken. And yet, all the while, a vast international cable and radio traffic passes over them, around them, and through them…"

Carl Sagan

Chris FossChris FossChris Foss
Roger DeanRoger DeanRoger DeanRoger DeanRoger Dean
Dan McPharlin
The Mickey Mouse Club
Thomas Alleman